When it comes to machine tools for any industry, spindles that function and perform at their peak are an absolute necessity. You can have all the knowledge and experience in the world, but sometimes you’re only as good as your tools, and we can help with that. Regardless of your industry, we provide the spindle repair and spindle service that will ensure that you get the most out of your machine tools.
Spindle motor repair naturally compliments servo repair. Spindle motors use servo technology to run closed loop. All considerations for servos apply to spindles, in some respects spindle motor repair can be even more intricate. Spindles endure an intense evaluation specifically tailored to their characteristics. We obtain a comprehensive understanding of the spindle motor’s condition not only to fix what is broken, but also to fine tune the motor for optimum performance. It is our goal to retrofit, repair, or remanufacture your spindle motor back to “Like New” condition.
Spindle motors require specialized skills and tools in order to complete effective repairs. It is important for any company that repairs spindle motors to have precision measuring devices to check mechanical tolerances, balance, and feedback signal integrity. CNC Experts has experience with manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Fagor, and Fanuc just to name a few. Our stockpile of factory documentation, as well as good rapport with said manufacturers allows us to test spindles and check their performance against original data.

Spindle Components We Test

Spindle Repair Services

  • Analyze Service Recondition
  • Broken Spindles
  • Electric Spindle Repairs
  • Grinding Spindles
  • High-Speed Spindles
  • Machine Tool Spindles
  • Machine Tool Spindle Repairs
  • Milling Spindles
  • Onsite Spindle Repairs
  • Onsite Spindle Taper Grinding
  • Precision Spindles
  • Predictive Maintenance Spindles
  • Remanufactured Spindles
  • Repair and Lead Time
  • Spindle Repairs
  • Spindle Services
  • Spindle Upgrades

Spindle Related Repair Services

  • Acoustic Control Systems
  • Balance Control Systems
  • Drive Motor Rebuild/Repair
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Precision Balancing
  • Precision Spindle Bearings
  • Process Control Systems
  • Servo Motor Repair
  • Spindle Parts and Accessories
  • Spindle Warranties
  • Reconditioned Precision Shafts
  • Vibration Analysis Report
  • Wireless Vibration Analysis

Other Spindle Repair Services

  • Ball Screw Repair
  • Drawbar Repair
  • Gearbox Repair

Our spindle repair and spindle rebuilds come with a one year warranty. This warranty starts from the day of installation on the machine, not the day of shipment like many of our competitors. Call us to arrange your spindle repair and get your spindle back into production.

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