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CNC Experts is a full service provider of industrial repair, products and services for today’s automated manufacturing facilities. Our Repair capabilities span from circuit boards to servo amplifiers and servo motors as well as robotics.

CNC Experts is a team of expert and professional engineers that can provide complete solution of industrial automation and CNC retrofit / repair & spares. We provide In house self developed PC and PLC based solutions of CNC retrofit and industrial automation with life time warranty and availability of spares. We develop controls for your industrial machines as per customer’s requirement. We provide Retrofit , Repairing  and spares facility for almost all brand and models of CNC machines.

We provide professional and prompt engineering solutions in economical way also accept challenge to repair, develop and modify any industrial machine when other fails to do. CNC Experts Services is committed to providing the best service to every customer. Our commitments to quality workmanship and quick service shows with our highly skilled technicians which are OEM trained .We know the importance of developing a working relationship with our customers in order to understand and satisfy their needs more effectively. At CNC Experts Services, we know the costly effects of downtime and what it means to your business. Our goal is to supply our customers with quick and high quality repair service at a great price.

CNC Experts electronics expertise. Their experience and dedication to quality ensure long up time with a minimum of hassles. Our company focuses primarily on machinery repair and automation. We offer a full CNC repair and upgrade service for all types of machine tool, including lathes, deep hole boring machines, roll lathes and special purpose machines .We have a very diverse set of skills from past experience with many machine tool OEM’s, distributors, and integrator s. Our CNC upgrade service is ideal for equipping machine tools for new processes and with new levels of functionality – such as a new axis of control. It can also be a cost-effective way of enhancing machines that only have a basic CNC system.

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